The New Outreach System: A Tactical Guide To Booking Meetings On LinkedIn

Learn the exact daily system I use to get a 38% reply rate and 11% meeting rate on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the biggest, most accurate lead database you can find. With over 740 million members, it's a place you can't afford to ignore if you're in sales.

Yet most sales reps are either using LinkedIn as a lead research tool, or they connect and pitch. So how can you start conversations and book meetings on LinkedIn, when everyone else is sending tons of pushy outreach messages?

Enter, The New Outreach System.

The New Outreach System is 29+ video lessons that take you through everything I do every day to start conversations and book meetings on LinkedIn.

So if you want to build a prospecting routine that can get prospects to...

  • Accept your connection request
  • Go check out your LinkedIn profile
  • Reply to your outreach
  • Book meetings with you

Then The New Outreach System is for you.

You'll learn:

  • To define your Ideal Customer Profile
  • To list problems your ICPs are trying to solve
  • What types of triggers can be found and used on LinkedIn
  • The 3 main sources of prospects on LinkedIn
  • How to use these sources to add relevance to your outreach
  • To build the skeleton of your sequence
  • To cadence your touchpoints
  • 3 high-impact messaging frameworks for asynchronous prospecting
  • How many prospects to contact daily to reach your sales target
  • Build your prospecting routine
  • How prospecting daily creates compounding results
  • How to include video into your daily prospecting

What students of mine say:

We speak to a lot of people who will give us good advice, and we appreciate it. A lot of these conversations are high-level. Having someone telling you, theoretically, how to strategize your expansion is great. But having someone showing you how to do something in a concrete way can often be more valuable. And that's something we got from Thibaut's program and we are getting going forward. - Jack Lancaster, Co-Founder at Plantclub

Thibaut helped me to understand the basics of outbound sales, social selling, problem-centric content creation and pipeline management. His free content is already valuable and it was a no-brainer for me to join his T-shaped sales community as a founding member. He also helped me a lot in 1:1 coaching sessions to take it to the next level. - Tyrone Smith - SDR Manager at TradeLink

Thibaut's outreach sequence works and he knows how to engage teams during remote workshops!
Thibaut had already shared his LinkedIn outreach sequence with me before, which we implemented and have seen good results. We had a workshop and it was insightful to see how & what LinkedIn automation tools Thibaut uses and it was helpful to discuss identifying different trigger events. - Mathijs Ruigrok, Head of Sales at Vainu

You'll get access to:

  • 15+ video lessons
  • Worksheets and bonuses
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The New Outreach System: A Tactical Guide To Booking Meetings On LinkedIn

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